Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why jewelry is the best Valentine's gift to give

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sidewalk, Diderot, Paris.

So it’s nearly Valentine’s Day and your beloved is, quite possibly and most likely, stressing over your gift. 
Chocolates? Done that. 
Lingerie? Who’s that gift for, really? 
Dinner? Uninspired.
Jewelry? Always and forever a genius idea. Why's that?

When women wear jewelry we adore, especially pieces that have been given to us as gifts, we love when friends notice and ask us about our glittering gold ring or delicate pendant or stunning cuff. We're then given license to subtly boast, “My husband/lover/girlfriend/wife bought this for me.” Our friends thusly and appropriately “Aw” and we’re reminded of how much we’re loved.

Jewelry is for collecting memories, just as much as it’s for adorning. We hold onto these precious things of beauty with the recollection of where they came from, the love that came along with that gift, and the joy we felt upon receiving it. This memory endures along with the piece itself. And when we wear a piece of jewelry, we’re revisiting that moment in time.

Need another reason? If you shop with an independent jewelry designer (such as Tula Design!), you can customize every element of a hand-made ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings – from the gems to the gold color to the very smallest details. Tula Jewelry, in particular, encourages the use of older pieces in creating new jewelry. By transforming older pieces (heirloom or otherwise) into new creations, Tula Jewelry is championing sustainability and environmental mindfulness. Win/win.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Go get your lady something gorgeous and show your love!

(from guest blogger, Rebecca Cox) 

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